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I would like to share a bit about myself. I

'm a classical singer and from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Fans tell me my voice is like no other, very mellow dramatic, yet it has a beautiful timbre that captivates my audiences.

I'm starting to create my personal mark in modern classical and pop music which is being recognized across the Nation.

I've performed on national television, and Radio Networks and I continue to broadcast my music. I've performed in Theatres, many private & public functions, and fundraisers. Due to Covid-19, all performances have been placed on hold. I hope to be out there meeting more fans in 2021 as soon as the lockdowns are lifted.

I've been singing classical music from a very young age. I've studied with a Russian Soprano vocal teacher for 10 years, with an Opera Professor from La Scala in Milan for 6 years. While Mastering my musical style and I continue my studies with a lyrical maestro in Venice Italy for 3 years and studied with a professional vocal coach in NYC. I'm currently working on my debut album and releasing my own original singles: My 1st single "We Are One" was released November 2020, my 2nd single "Like You" just released now. These songs capture the old soul within me, along with my very own twist on classical & pop music thus fascinating the modern audiences of today. Please take the time to listen and stream my new music and I hope you enjoy it. I look forward to releasing my next original single in April. Contact Information:

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